Modern and responsive website creations

Numeval, website creation and multilingual digital agency

Numeval offers complete services of multilingual website creation, from design to SEO and many other services.

Modern and personalized websites

Digital and social networks are a unique opportunity for your business. Make your life easier by trusting professionals, and gain visibility through a  responsive and well referenced modern website. Let us know your needs and we will create with you your ideal website! We have suitable sites for all budgets.

Adapted creations for you ...

Your design

Let us help you bring to life the design you dream of, by guiding you step by step.

Custom help

Enjoy free after-sales service and tailored phone support.

Site Management

With Numeval tutorials and training, learn how to maintain your site yourself.

... and for your customers!


Most users view web pages from their smartphone. Offer them a website perfectly suited to all screen sizes.

Optimized interface

Give users of your website an optimal experience, worked readability and modern design.


Gain visibility through improved SEO and link your website to your social networks.

Be present on the web!

Nowadays, the presence on the web is an essential asset for any company. Do not miss this opportunity! Numeval offers an adapted site whatever your budget and your knowledge in computer science. Manage and then feed your website independently, with ease. For any need there is a suitable tool, let us create this tool for you!

The commitments of Numeval


A website adapted to all devices.

Web security

Improved security.


Nice design and flowing loadings.


We work with you for the maintenance of your site, then we train you to make it yourself.


A turnkey website, easy to manage.


Economic solutions, adapted to all budgets.

  • Serenity: a turnkey website, easy to manage
  • Responsiveness: a website adapted to all devices
  • Maintenance: We work with you for the maintenance of your site, then we train you to make it yourself.
  • Economy: solutions for every budget
  • Ergonomics: a pleasant design and flowing loadings
  • Security: improved protection

Creation process

We work to make the creation of your site both the most personalized and the simplest for you.

First contact

Contact Numeval to start the process of creating your site! We will arrange an appointment to identify your wishes and needs.


Numeval comes back to you with a summary of your needs and a quote. When you are satisfied with the announced project, the creation begins!

Website creation

We are working on the development of the site.

Draft of the website

We present you a first version of the website. You can then ask for adjustments.

Finalization of the site

We apply the requested adjustments, and present you the final version of the website.

On-line processing

The website is online, and the hosting is configured.


We optimize the features of the site to improve SEO.

The website is yours!

We provide you with all the login information of your new website. We also provide you access to the tutorial videos of Numeval, and we offer an adapted after-sales service.


For any request, please contact us calling +33 (0), mailing, or with the form below.

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